Fresh and Fresh-Frozen Pastas and Sauces
-- maintaining old world quality
for today's modern family

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We at Let's Pasta Food Services, located in the heart of Southern Alberta duram wheat country, conduct our daily business in the most ethical manner possible, respecting always our family of employees, distributors, customers, and competitors. We will provide only the finest quality products at a fair price.

we do not use any artificial colours or flavours in any of our products -- only quality natural ingredients.
our pastas are not pre-cooked, therefore there is no water absorption for the consumer to pay for. Consumer buys only full yield of filled pasta.
pasta is individually quick-frozen maintaining freshness & quality.
very thin and enjoyable pasta. Ravioli & Tortelloni cook in 7 minutes or less.
extruded pasta & not laminated.
only the finest durum semolina is used.
precisely crafted & consistently centered filling.
creative fillings never compromise quality.
Ravioli or Tortelloni centers are meat or cheese based with only quality ingredients added for flavor & texture.
Federally inspected by CFIA & HACCP (recognized worldwide).

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